Dioptase with Shattuckite and Chrysocolla
Reneville Mine, Reneville, Kindanba, Pool, Republic of the Congo
Small Cabinet, 6.8 x 5.9 x 5.6 cm
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Incredibly intense, emerald green, doubly terminated Dioptase crystals, to just over an inch, highlight this handsome small cabinet-sized piece from Reneville in the Republic of the Congo. It's a super colorful piece with big, lustrous, translucent to transparent Dioptase crystals around the edge forming a recessed area in the center that contains small, but vibrant, yellow-green botryoidal clusters of what is likely Fornacite, a rare lead-copper chromate-arsenate. The remainder of the piece continues the kaleidoscope of color with a mix of bright blue-green Chrysocolla, light blue Shattuckite, dark green Dioptase and local knots of gray Cerussite. This is one of the flashier, "electric"-colored examples from this mine we have seen. It is also an old piece probably originating from finds here in the mid- to late-1900s. Although there is some peripheral damage, the display core of the piece is both intact and impressive. Very three-dimensional and impressive in a case.

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