Galena (twinned) on Quartz with Fluorite & Calcite
Nikolaevskiy Mine, Dalnegorsk, Primorsky Krai, Russia
Small Cabinet, 9.4 x 6.5 x 5.5 cm
Ex. Kurt Hefendehl
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Spectacular, bladed Galena specimen from the renowned Dalnegorsk district in Russia, in a sharp and balanced matrix of contrasting quartz. These thin crystals are highly lustrous and twinned, with the largest Galena being an amazing 3.8 cm across. The beveled edges add to the visual intrigue, and the smaller Galena clusters at the base of the larger crystal enhance the aesthetics with their charm. And let's not forget the field of lustrous, gemmy, clear Fluorites, up to 1.1 cm, that cover the matrix. These Fluorites create a sparkle this is a good complement to the mirror-like, metallic luster of the Galenas (which, by the way, are clearly sharp spinel law twins). Intergrown with the Fluorites are small clusters of slender, sharp, white Quartz crystals up to 1.5 cm. The Fluorites fluoresce a violet so deep it is almost off the visible spectrum, and the two Calcites on the piece fluoresce a rich orange-red that is classic for Dalnegorsk Calcites. With such good visuals, this large, small-cabinet combination specimen has so much going for it mineralogically and aesthetically. Old material from the 1990s.