Fluorite with Sphalerite, on Quartz
Taolin Mine, Linxiang Co., Yueyang, Hunan, China
Cabinet, 12.5 x 8.8 x 5.5 cm
Ex. Kurt Hefendehl
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China's Taolin Mine has produced a wide variety of Fluorites over the years, as well as very gemmy Sphalerite crystals; and was considered historically an important locality for both species. However, modern collectors see so few, as the mine closed by the early 1990s and most specimens came out beforehand. They are now so rare on the market. This look, the sphalerite in particular, is instantly recognizable and such specimens are highly desirable among collectors of Chinese combos and localities. This excellent cabinet specimen combines both species beautifully. The Fluorite cubes, up to 2.5 cm in size, are gemmy, lustrous, a pleasant blue-green color, and they fluoresce purple. Remarkably, only one of the Fluorites has a cleaved corner, with the rest being in very good condition. Contrasted as they sit upon a plate of Quartz crystals, these Fluorites are clustered attractively in an almost step-pyramid shaped mound of intergrown gemmy crystals, with very dramatic effect. The cluster is translucent to transparent. Adjacent sits a nice cluster of sharp and lustrous Sphalerites. Glancing at them, you can see hints of honey-colored light winking at you. Backlight these Sphalerites, and they glow an amazing, rich amber that reveals just how gemmy they are. To my eye, the aesthetics are superb, with both major species displayed perfect on the Quartz plate, as if you were being served a great mineral meal! Old material, seldom seen on the market, and even when you see it, often misattributed to the more common Yaogangxian Mine. But, we saw these in the 1990s and remember them, well!