Fluorite (fluorescent) on Quartz
Piaotang Mine, Dayu Co., Ganzhou, Jiangxi, China
Small Cabinet, 8.8 x 4.7 x 4.3 cm
Ex. Kurt Hefendehl
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This eye-catching small-cabinet specimen is but one good example of why you should pay attention to lesser-known localities, similar to knowing (if you can) all the good, small, hole-in-the-wall restaurants in a town. Often mislabelled as the larger and more productive Yaogangxian Mine, the smaller Piao Tang has produced some very unusual fluorites that stand out for ANY locality. From one of the mines in Jiangxi Province (rather than from the more productie mines in Hunan), it pops out in any display. Your eye is immediately drawn to the geometry of the piece. The way that the cubes of Fluorite seem to cascade down from the base of the Quartz crystal is so visually engaging, and the contrasts in color and form add even more to the appeal. Take a close look at the Fluorites, and it gets even better. The largest Fluorite is 2.4 cm across, and all are gemmy with a pretty shade of light-blue, both enhanced by the high luster. Each Fluorite has a conspicuous purple phantom that looks like someone took a paintbrush to the crystal as it was growing. I find these phantoms to be provocative and interesting in their own way, being a mix of both firm and broad and yet cloudy/patchy in places. The crystals are in excellent condition, with just one corner of one crystal having the tiniest of bruises on it. it has never been to a lab, and was only cleaned with water when found, probably 20 years ago, so it is naturally simply beautiful. I love the aesthetics of this specimen because it is not only pretty but so very different from most others of similar size and color pallette. It is uncommon, and uncommonly good!