Fluorite and Calcite (both fluorescent)
Qinglong Mine, Dachang Sb ore field, Guizhou, China
Small Cabinet, 7.7 x 7.5 x 5.2 cm
Ex. Kurt Hefendehl
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Qinglong is known for its litany of beautiful, varied, and interesting species including oddities like cyanotrichite but also gypsum, calcite, and fluorite. This is a strange combination piece! Whether octahedral, cubic, or some combination thereof, the modifications to the Fluorites create a compelling style, and this distinctive, small-cabinet, combination-piece is a great example of that. The interpenetrating, purple Fluorites are cubic, range up to 2.8 cm, and they are gemmy to translucent. The faces are complexly tiered, with a silky luster that gives the crystals real substance visually. The major Fluorites are centered perfectly, and they are literally crowned by scalenohedral Calcites up to 1.2 cm. Phantoms caused by inclusions highlight these otherwise highly-uniform Calcites. The Fluorites fluoresce a deep purple, and the Calcites a muted orange, doubtless diminished by the inclusions. Between the interesting form and near-perfect geometry and balance, the aesthetics of this piece are outstanding. An old example from this location, which has also produced similar, but less dramatic, combinations in recent years.