Tetrahedrite and Quartz
Casapalca Mine, Chicla Dist., Huarochiri Prov., Lima, Peru
Cabinet, 11.6 x 11.4 x 7.1 cm
Ex. Rock Currier
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This is an exceptional specimen for the species that is surely among the world's largest fine examples in good quality, and comes from old finds from Casapalca (probably in the 1980s heyday here). The dramatic museum-sized specimen features huge Tetrahedrite crystals to a over 3 inches in size (8.25 cm or approx 3.25 inches), with amazing gunmetal luster. These sharp crystals are perched on and in combination with numerous aesthetic Quartz crystals. The impressive, sharply formed, metallic Tetrahedrite crystals themselves comprise much of the specimen with the base of the piece bejeweled by groups of sharply terminated Quartz crystals from 0.5 to 3 cm in length. The specimen is in pristine condition with no damage to the Tetrahedrite or the Quartz, even at the periphery of the piece! It is a cabinet specimen of high significance for both the locality and the species with great composition and balance! Most that you see from here are either smaller crystals of no significance or, in some occasions still today, large crystals to this size and more but very flattened. Rarely do we see any with such three-dimensional geometric form, much less in association with great Quartz crystals which really convert the piece from "just an important Tetrahedrite" into a display specimen on an entirely higher level entirely. RHC 5133 from the Rock Currier collection (number painted on the backside). Rock had one of the world's finest suites of Peruvian minerals, mostly the result of dozens of trips there over decades dealing and collecting. This is a major specimen, and it is rare to obtain clearly best of species of any metallic crystals in such a size range, in any kind of good condition.