Smoky Quartz (with bubble inside!)
Mogok Valley, Mandalay Division, Myanmar (Burma)
Small Cabinet, 9.3 x 5.3 x 4.1 cm
Ex. William (Bill) Larson
$2,750.00 Payment Plan Available
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What a remarkable Quartz crystal from Burma! We don't see many Smoky Quartz crystals from Burma AND we rarely see Quartz crystals from anywhere in the world that have large water bubbles included inside from the time they formed. This one has a startlingly large, TWO INCH long fluid inclusion with a prominent bubble! Talk about a conversation piece! This absolutely fascinating doubly terminated Smoky Quartz crystal does have a nice smoky hue and is largely transparent with a moderate amount veiled inclusions and some natural, internal fractures. The HUGE fluid inclusion, or "quartz enhydro" as they are sometimes referred to, found in this, or any Quartz crystal, is not common. This is the largest "enhydro" we have ever seen! This inclusion measures an incredible TWO INCHES from end to end that is probably three-quarters fluid and one-quarter gas bubble that moves inside the enhydro from end to end! This amazing crystal is doubly terminated and has all but a few of the faces are polished to better reveal its captivating interior! Although these liquid inclusions (enhydros) are not uncommon in small sizes from Brazil, they are rare from other countries and in such size.