Smoky Quartz (Gwindel with large twist)
Giuv Valley, Graubunden, Switzerland
Large Cabinet, 13.8 x 8.6 x 3.3 cm
Ex. Brent Lockhart
$7,500.00 Payment Plan Available
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Gwindel Quartzes by their very definition (see link below for more information) have a twist to them of some degree or another, and yet many of them simply look flattish, or only slightly twisted. This is a significant, highly unusual specimen with a full 78 degrees of twist, from a special pocket found in 2010. Please see the video, as it illustrates better than a photograph what this means, that the piece has a striking three-dimensionality and much more twist than usual. In fact, unlike most all gwindels that we would display vertically, this one can also be displayed this horizontally and shows the twist even more visually. It is nearly complete and pristine all around, sparkly, with a rich amber-smoky color to it. It does have one clean lock-fit repair according to the previous owner, but we could not find it and it did not come apart in acetone either, so we are honestly not sure where a repair would be if indeed there is one (perhaps it was trimmed off at some point). The crystal has a vibrant luster, and combined with the dark color and shape is very dramatic in a showcase. Not only is this relatively large for a gwindel, in general, but the extra twist makes it more interesting. An excellent summary of the more technical aspects of these amazing styles of quartz, called Gwindels after the German word for "twisted," can be found here: