Powellite with Stilbite on Apophyllite
Pandulena Hills, Nashik Dist., Maharashtra, India
Small Cabinet, 9.0 x 6.2 x 4.3 cm

Three classic Indian species, powellite, apophyllite, and stilbite, are all combined on this small cabinet cluster from finds in 2020. Gemmy, unusually-shaped, amber-orange colored powellite crystals are aesthetically sprinkled on blocky apophyllite on this stellar small-cabinet-sized specimen, with peach-colored stilbite mostly on the right side and top of the specimen. Like many of the specimens from this pocket, this piece offers multiple display angles. The powellite crystals here are different in geometry, style, and color from any we have seen before, with vivid yellow fluorescence under UV. The crystals are more "pointy" than usual, and each cluster is made up of many sharp crystals in radial growth, giving them a look more like orange apophyllites than like the typical blocky powellites we have seen from more productive locations in Jalgaon area in Maharashtra. Powellite, an end-member of the powellite-scheelite series of minerals, is quite uncommon in large, display quality specimens. We obtained the majority of the pocket when these were found in summer 2020.