Fluorapophyllite with Heulandite
Jalgaon Dist., Maharashtra, India
Small Cabinet, 6.8 x 6.0 x 4.7 cm
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I know people will say there is a lot of Indian apophyllite out there and yes, there is: but not like this. This specimen is unique for the aesthetics, the shocking luster and deep mint color combined with the luster and aesthetics, and the shape overall. This attractive, intact spray is nearly 5 cm across! It is hard to convey how very good the mint color and sparkle are on this - way better than the average. Also, it is not perched in stilbite, as are nearly all the rest, but in heulandite which gives it a subtly different look and contrast to other specimens. The heulandite is more sharp, lustrous, and translucent than any stilbite would be, and therefore lends a uniquely impactful association to the green apophyllite. It is simply a special piece, and a full small cabinet specimen that leaps out to the eye.