Powellite (Fluorescent) and Apophyllite on Scolecite
near Nasik, Maharashtra, India
Small Cabinet, 6.0 x 2.0 x 1.8 cm
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A unique find and combination from April, 1998, still not equaled to date: This is from "that pocket" which you see only in a few photos today. This wonderful small cabinet specimen has a highly lustrous, sharp, cream-beige-colored Powellite tantalizingly perched on a spray acicular Scolecite crystals, with small gem apophyllite sparkles added for good measure. The Powellite is 1.7 cm on edge, with the Scolecite crystals reaching up to 6 cm. Elegant aesthetics. As a bonus, it is fluorescent. This is from THE MOST FAMOUS pocket for the species, typified by the larger specimen in the Smale collection book. I bought this one in 1998, directly, when I could not afford that famous larger piece. This was one of the few small pieces, and among the dozen top pieces of the find. It was later in the George Holloway collection, before being exchanged back to me some time ago. I have seen only one other of these specimens from this pocket turn up for sale in the last decade.