Bipyramidal Wulfenite
Rowley Mine, Painted Rock District, Painted Rock Mts, Maricopa Co., Arizona, USA
Thumbnail, 2.0 x 1.6 x 1.4 cm
$5,000.00 $3,750.00
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A unique, intensely color-saturated, imposing wulfenite thumbnail that would leap out in any collection of thumbnails or lead minerals. The Rowley Mine has, and is, producing Wulfenites that are considered modern-day classics. The luster, color, and gemminess of the Wulfenites from Rowley are uniformly great. Add to those characteristics the fact that the crystals in this thumbnail have the rare bipyramidal habit, and you have a stunning specimen. This specimen was illustrated some years ago in Mineralogical Record, in a What's new column. This piece is simply shocking in person - the color is neon orange! Purchased directly from Keith Wentz, the mine owner's collection, after the closure of modern mining at this locality (enforced by State of Arizona safety and hazard officials). Photos by Joe Budd.

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