Primary Malachite, Plancheite on Quartz on Dioptase
Cabinet, 11.3 x 10.0 x 5.0 cm
Tantara Mine, Kakonde, Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of Congo
This is a visually striking specimen that starts out with a rim of emerald green, dioptase, to .7 cm across; on which are draped sparkling, snow white, spherical clusters of crystallized quartz, to 2.0 cm across. Perched aesthetically on the quartz are two rosettes of deep green, lustrous, PRIMARY MALACHITE crystals! This is very rare, especially on matrix, and even more so on matrix of dioptase! The malachite crystals are thin, elongated "rectangles" arranged in radiating 4-cm-wide clusters like a fanspray. I have never seen a specimen like this, and with the white quartz in between the two green minerals, no less! The side is rimmed with minor bits of plancheite, a copper silicate. The color contrasts on this specimen are just superb. The 3-dimensionality is impressive. Overall, its big, unique, and incredibly beautiful. I have NEVER seen a piece like this. IF YOU ARE TEMPTED, IT IS MUCH, MUCH BETTER In PERSON!