Miniature, 4.2 x 3.2 x 2.5 cm
Rosenberg Mine, Bad Ems, Nassau, Germany
Ex. William Jefferis; Dr. Gary Hansen
This is a truly superb, complete-all-around, miniature specimen of the classic forest-green pyromorphite that set the standard from this famous locality for colored pyromorphite. Green pyros such as this were always much rarer than the more widespread and plentiful brown pyros from the same area. RARE! This one is of particular note and hence of premium value because of the splendant nature of the crystals, which makes it a specimen of rare aesthetic and competitive quality even when compared to pyros mined from more productive modern localities. It was given to Gary as a token of appreciation for his help in designing and supplying the Hillman Hall of Minerals at the Carnegie Museum. He obtained it as a gift of the Director at the time, and it was taken from the Jefferis collection (although it had no label even at the time and hence the location is qualified by my comments here). It has a size and elegance uncommon in this material!