Pyrite on Dolomite
Chivor Mine, Boyaca Dept., Colombia
Small Cabinet, 8.8 x 6.9 x 4.0 cm

A 2-cm-across jewel-like pyrite crowns the top of this well trimmed specimen, and really "shines" from atop. These pyrites with incredible luster and a sharp crystal habit, turned up in early 2014 at the Chivor emerald Mine in Colombia. Although not the biggest, many people consider them among the finest pyrites ever found for their size, for the complex habit and shocking bright luster. They are perched on sharp dolomite crystals, which is also unusual. Many had substantial damage, but these were carefully trimmed out form larger pieces that survived. There is a small ding atop, only seen on very, very close inspection. However, I felt the overall display impact was more important in context, and in that regard it is a breathtaking pyrite from an unusual locale and with unusual association.

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