Pyrite on Dolomite
Chivor Emerald Mine, Chivor, Boyaca, Colombia
Miniature, 5.0 x 4.1 x 3.5 cm
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When one thinks of the Chivor Mine in Columbia, Emeralds immediately come to mind; however, there are a variety of other minerals that are well crystallized that come from those Emerald mines. Significant Pyrite crystals that are often highly modified are of note but found uncommonly. This is a stunningly sharp crystal, and here in association with some great Dolomite crystals for contrast! One prominent Pyrite crystal and several smaller ones are present on this piece and they all have mirror-bright metallic luster. All of the crystal faces are exceptionally well formed and dominated by the pyritohedron and then subtly modified by at least one other complex growth form that is evident on the corners of the crystal. The large Pyrite crystal measures an inch in maximum dimension and the others less than a half inch. The Pyrites are set on, or nestled in, well-formed, light smoky Dolomite crystals that average a half an inch in size and provide great contrast and aesthetics. From a small find of a few years ago, 2015-2016 perhaps. This is a stunning miniature of the species, from a decidedly unusual location.

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