Cabinet, 11.5 x 5.6 x 3.3 cm
Fredrick-Segengrube (Friedrichsegen) Mine, Braubach, Ems, Nassau, Germany
Ex. William Jefferis; Carnegie Museum; Dr. Gary Hansen
This is a very dramatic specimen that is of unusual aspect for the locality because it features individual, isolated crystals ON MATRIX. MOST specimens from this classic mine are of the form shown above, elegant hoppered clusters of stacked crystals. I have seen few matrix specimens, and fewer yet of this size and overall quality. The large crystals, to over 1 cm, line the top and form an attractive ridge. It does admittedly have some damage (not at all surprising given the age and size), though most of this is trivial and doesn't stand out on the display face. Overall, especially given the age and pedigree of the specimen, I think it is a very fine old classic at a fair price!