Pyrite and Dolomite
Gavorrano Mine, Gavorrano, Grosseto Province, Tuscany, Italy
Small Cabinet, 7.6 x 3.0 x 2.3 cm
Ex. Giancarlo Fioravanti

First developed in 1898, Gavorrano was one of Europe's most important, if not the most important, Pyrite mines for about 80 years. This intergrown set of crystals has lustrous, striated faces with the occasional smooth terminations. The aesthetics are terrific. It rather reminds me of a set of cliffs rising along the Mediterranean coast of Italy (no coincidence there), with the layer of Dolomite crystals represents plants along the crest of the cliff. Even better in person, this is a unique old classic with wonderful aesthetics. Complete all around front and sides, contacted in back. It displays vertically as shown.

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