Hemimorphite, Quartz
Cabinet, 10.5 x 8.0 x 5.0 cm
79 Mine (79th Mine; Seventy-Nine Mine; Seventy-Nine property; McHur prospect), Chilito, Hayden area, Banner District, Dripping Spring Mts, Gila Co., Arizona, USA

Harold self-collected this in 1994 (when he was pushing 70) by descending into the old workings of the 79 Mine. It is a beautiful and unusual, and large, specimen with glistening sugary quartz sprinkled in a very thin layer over large hemimorphite balls. All is in a complex, 3-dimensional matrix with pockets. Some small bits of calcite are the white material in association near the base of the piece. From the 3rd level. Ex. Harold Urish Collection.