Chrysocolla, Quartz
Ray Mine, Scott Mountain area, Mineral Creek District (Ray District), Dripping Spring Mts, Pinal Co., Arizona, USA
Miniature, 5.0 x 4.1 x 3..3 cm
A sparkling miniature of chrysocolla stalactites that has been covered by a thin layer of sparkling quartz druse. The quartz protects the softer chrysocolla underneath and also accentuates the color and richness of the piece - these are the most desired of the chrysocolla specimens from this classic old locality and valued quite highly. Pieces like this often get cut up to provide lapidary material for fancy southwest jewelry. This is an excellent piece for the overall form and size, and the top color intensity. Although some stalks are broken, the central stalactite is intact and the overall color and sparkle of the piece make it a very fine specimen. Ex. Harold Urish Collection.