Beryl (Var: Red Beryl)
Jets Nos. 1-8 Claims (Harris Red-Beryl Quarry), Gillies Hill, Wah Wah Mts, Beaver Co., Utah, USA
Cabinet, 13.5 x 11.1 x 3.9 cm
Large red beryl plates are somewhat rare, for many reasons (they are often broken up; and they don't seem to form a lot in the first place). This unusual and showy large specimen has 2 dozen crystals, to 1 cm in size, festooned all about the contrasting rhyolite. The mining of this material is basically at a stop, and it remains a unique locality. They were found, and now the best part of the deposit is inaccessible, so specimens are drying up rapidly on the market. Weighs 500 grams.