Stevenson-Bennett Mine, Dona Ana County, New Mexico, USA
Large Cabinet, 17.0 x 9.5 x 6.0 cm
Ex. Andrew Carnegie
Here we have a SOLID SPECIMEN OF 100% pure wulfenite, with a large vug in the middle containing freestanding crystals to just under an inch. Damage to the major crystals is minimal - considering the size and age it is in remarkable shape. This specimen is an amazingly rich and large piece from what became in later days the Stevenson-Bennett Mine but in Carnegie's time was simply a series of small exploratory adits in an interesting locality. The location was never very productive, and although small pockets have trickled out from time to time over the last century, this would still be considered an extraordinarily rich specimen - it likely came from the most prolific upper oxidation layers of the deposit, anyhow. Though labeled as Arizona in his catalogue, knowledgeable Arizona collectors with whom I consulted are unanimous that the specimen is actually from "over the hill" in this New Mexico location. It is clearly visible in the righthand case, second shelf down, as the middle specimen on that shelf.