Tetrahedrite And Quartz
Casapalca Mine, Lima, Peru
Cabinet, 10.3 x 9.8 x 7.7 cm
Ex. Francis Allegra
An exceptional specimen from old finds here, probably in the 1980s, which features huge tetrahedrite crystals to several inches on size in combination with aesthetic quartz crystals. The specimen is in very good shape, nearly pristine and complete most of the way around the back even. It is a piece of high significance, I would say, for both the locality and the species. Most that you see from here are either smaller crystals of no significance or, in some occasions still today, large crystals to this size and more but very flattened. I rarely see any with such 3-dimensional geometric form, much less in association with these great quartz crystals which really convert the piece from "just" an important tetrahedrite into a display specimen on another level entirely to my eye. Ex. Francis Allegra collection.