Fluorite on Amazonite
Fazenda do Centro, Espirito Santo, Brazil
Large Cabinet, 20.0 x 15.0 x 7.9 cm
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STUNNING "heart-shaped" plate of large textural Fluorite cubes highlighted by an intoxicating and saturated aqua-blue color. The intergrown cubes, measuring up to 5.2 cm across, have sufficient individual definition and relief to provide three dimensionality to the piece. The Fluorites have some zoning as seen in the upper edge cubes with the majority of the Fluorites appearing to have a darker core. The overall color of the piece is gradational from an outer teal to an intense gemmy blue then to a deeper purple blue. The lustrous, beautiful Fluorite cubes overlay a thinner partial layer of purple Fluorite and these layers sit incredibly on a layer of Amazonite Feldspar. The greenish-blue to white Amazonite has had some dissolution to its original form but still makes for an extremely unusual and very cool combination. The Fluorites are in near-pristine condition with only some periphery edge wear due to extraction. The complex textured faces and the phenomenal rich color combined with the Amazonite association just make this a special specimen from the recent finds in Brazil. These are possibly some of the best colored Fluorite to have ever come out of Brazil. These are rare in that they are of pegmatitic origin, found in a pegmatite instead of a typical style of Fluorite deposit with massive huge veins and formations. Pegmatite Fluorite deposits are, worldwide, smaller and more desired, and often have strong colors due to the unique and varied chemistry of each pegmatite, compared to carbonate replacement deposits where they often form. Also, pegmatite Fluorite deposits rarely yield quantity. This is a big find, and the chance to grab one is now! Late 2023 find.