Huanggangliang mine, Keshiketeng Qi, Chifeng city, Inner Mongolia, China
Cabinet, 10.1 x 8.8 x 6.5 cm
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So many fluorites from this mine complex (actually 7-8 mines) are colorless, and these hot purple fluorites are to me among the most desirable. This piece features an interesting, pretty juxtaposition of two very different fluorite styles, on the same piece. The stalactite of small, gemmy octohedra packed together just shoots up out of the side of the larger, deeper purple octohedron. It looks like it was just stuck on randomly, or like some weird biological outgrowth. The piece is complete 360 around the sides, and top of the display face, just not on the bottom where it is partially contacted and also just a little damaged at the bottom where removed from the host rock. It honestly displays about 4 different ways, from all sides looking equally good. I have seen a number of pieces from this pocket now (probably from April, 2012), but none quite like this. The miners themselves, quite understandably, put a huge premium on the few purple fluorites amidst so many clear and colorless finds here.

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