Olmiite with Xonotlite
N'Chwaning II Mine, Kuruman, KMF, Northern Cape, South Africa
Miniature, 4.5 x 3.5 x 3.4 cm
Ex. Desmond Sacco
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With elongated distinct crystals to 2 cm, this is a fine miniature sized example of olmiite from a rather different style than what most people see. These came out of a later pocket collected by Paul Balayer, under license from mine owner Desmond Sacco. The style is highly unusual for the species, as most previous finds had given rounded crystals or crystal clusters. This kind of more distinct, textbook crystal is 1 in 1000. The color on this material is also a little more pink-umber than red, although it is honestly hard to describe color in these — it is beautiful but changes in different lights. This is from a later pocket, long after the vast majority came out, sometime 2012-2015 if I recall. We obtained it directly from Paul, who collected this find.