Cabinet, 13.1 x 9.5 x 5.6 cm
N'Chwaning II Mine, Kalahari, South Africa
This is one of the few large plates found that has such rich coverage, and the visual appeal is obvious. The crystals are sharp, and a unique color, that stands out form other species I have seen. The sheer richness of this plate makes it important, but it is also aesthetic as well (a combination I much admire). As with the other specimens of this style, all the crystals seem to be about 6-8 mm in size. But there are so MANY of them here, it is a gorgeous specimen for any species, and even with as many olmiite as has been found of late, this is a radically different style and appearance. It looks for all the world like a Tsumeb cobaltian smithsonite specimen of top quality - and quite unlike previous finds of olmiite, with these unusual, flattened, squarish crystals. I saw the majority of this pocket laid out in front of me, and this is one of the very few (under a dozen) large and fine specimens of this style that were found.
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