Las Vigas de Ramírez Mun., Veracruz, Mexico
Small Cabinet, 9.5 x 5.7 x 5.1 cm
Ex. Ruben Avila
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Mexico is justly famous for amethysts, and these flowerlike arrangements of gorgeous gemmy crystals from Las Vigas always remind us why. This cluster has the classic gradation of color from white to lavender at the tips, also going more and more transparent as the crystal lengthens. That subtle gradient of color and clarity is, to my eye, a hallmark of the more classic style from here. Although the location is producing a large quantity today, revived and open again, styles are always a little different from pocket to pocket and this perfect flower-like specimen should still hold its own. It is a very sparkly, glassy specimen throughout, with good provenance from the collection of Ruben Avila, a Mexico based collector and scout for the Top Gem dealership in the past.