Fresnoite on Analcime (Illustrated)
Junnila Mine, Santa Rita Peak, San Benito Co., California, USA
Miniature, 5.0 x 3.8 x 1.5 cm
Ex. Scott Kleine

This is an extremely rare and very good matrix specimen of Fresnoite from the Junnila Mine in San Benito Mine in Southern California, a locality adjacent to the California Gem Mine that produces Benitoite and Neptunite. Fresnoite is a very rare barium-titanium silicate and relatively few specimens of quality have been recovered compared to the Benitoite and Neptunite nearby, and many of them, like this one, were collected during an aggressive specimen collecting operation around 1998-1999 by dealer and miner, Scott Kleine. He kept this until 2022, and it comes from the last of his long held personal collection of this material. This exceptional specimen features isolated single crystals to 1 cm and one larger, 1.2 cm cluster of canary yellow Fresnoite on a contrasting, off-white Analcime matrix. The contrast is incredibly rare, as is the size and richness of the piece - these have never been found again in such quality and this is a major specimen worthy of any institution or private collection. This extraordinary miniature from his personal collection has sharp, freestanding crystals that are not only colorful in room lighting, but fluoresce a bright yellow in short wave UV! Scott includes his original label which states "this is the best combo plate of Fresnoite from the Mother Lode Pocket, June 16, 1996 discovery", and we have his handwritten card with the specimen. Illustrated in the Mineralogical Record, Vol. 49, July-August 2018. Pg. 591.