Fluorite on Pyrite and Bournonite
Cerro de Pasco district, Pasco Province, Peru
Miniature, 4.7 x 3.5 x 2.0 cm

A sparkling and colorful Fluorite-Sulfide species combo from Peru, that could be trimmed to a fantastic thumbnail by the way. Here we have a single, gemmy to translucent, sea-green, cuboctahedron of Fluorite perched on a pedestal of bournonite-Pyrite matrix. The Fluorite has good luster and is largely transparent with an equal presence of distinct cube and octahedral forms. The crystal is 2.2 cm in maximum dimension and is intimately associated with crudely formed, gray Galena, 2 to 3 mm, brown-red Sphalerite crystals and 1 to 2 mm, glistening Pyrite crystals. The sulfides all contrast nicely with the sea-green Fluorite. This is a great looking combo piece from a recent find at Cerro de Pasco. (2021-22)