Bristol Copper mine, Bristol, Hartford Co., Connecticut, USA
Small Cabinet, 6.1 x 4.3 x 2.3 cm
Ex. Richard Rossi

This is a sizeable example of perhaps the most famous of all old and classic mineral specimens from Connecticut, and in fact a major East Coast and USA collectible among those who love both history and quality. Historically, Cornwall and Bristol are the top localities for chalcocite, and the mines are long-closed. This quarry produced metal for the Civil War and specimens date to the 1800s, or earlier. Examples like this only come available when old collections are sold off. The main crystal is dramatically isolated, rising up from the main cluster of gunmetal-colored chalcocite. Featured in "What's New in Minerals", the show report in The Mineralogical Record, in May of 2016. This is as sharp as a specimen gets, and for the site is extremely aesthetic and balanced. The large crystal stands 1.5 cm high and is unusually isolated and freestanding. Others are mostly intact, although there are a few small broken crystals in the middle. Former John Veevaert specimen.