Quartz scepter (Herkimer Diamond)
Sceptre Pocket, Benchmark Quarry, St Johnsville, Montgomery Co., New York, USA
Thumbnail, 2.6 x 1.2 x 1.0 cm
Ex. Kyle Kevorkian

The famous Herkimer Scepters of quartz, featuring gem Herkimer-style complex quartz crystals upon darker stalks of smoky quartz of a more normal pointed quartz shape, are exceedingly rare and only come out of a few small pockets over many decades. This Is one of the finest examples of such complicated quartz growth, as it features perfection and sharp contrast in a perfectly balanced size. At just over an inch tall, it is a large, full thumbnail. The clarity of the external clear quartz is total, 100% transparent so that you look through to the spear of smoky quartz within. I have seen larger crystals, of course, but none with such dramatic penetration and such total clear visibility without zones of veils or opacity to ruin it. This is simply mesmerizing and is complete all around. It is a world-class Herkimer and Quartz thumbnail but more than that, it is simply a really amazing mineral specimen that happens to be a competitive-level thumbnail.