Fuchsite in Quartz
Iovitra Mine, Itremo, Fianarantsoa Prov., Madagascar
Large Cabinet, 20.2 x 7.7 x 4.8 cm

From Madagascar's absolutely unique occurence of these gorgeous combination specimens comes this elongated, well formed, lustrous and gemmy Quartz crystal measuring 8 inches in length and displaying a dramatic green Fuchsite-outlined phantom at the interior. The top third of the crystal is water clear and colorless and grades into a slightly cloudy area just above that magnificent, mint-green Fuchsite-coated phantom! The almost powdery looking Fuchsite within accents the faces of the interior Quartz crystal perfectly and profoundly so that all of the pyramidal faces of the interior Quartz phantom are very evident. The pyramidal faces of the Quartz crystal and three of the prism faces have been polished to reveal the Fuchsite coated phantom at the interior. As a bonus, there is a "background scene" on the rear face (which is not polished) that shows lightly textured polka dot patterns of minute hematite inclusions, so the whole scene is one of dramatic contrast and combination. it is absolutely unique in our experience. And, huge. 1300 grams