Powellite with Apophyllite
Pandulena Hills, Nashik Dist., Maharashtra, India
Small Cabinet, 6.5 x 5.7 x 4.4 cm

This is a just a gem of a cluster; an especially well-balanced combination of apophyllite and powellite from this 2020 find in Pandulena Hills, just outside Nasik. The right side of the specimen features a warm, honey-colored cluster of pointy powellites that stands over 4 cm tall, and the left side has clustered cubic apophyllite crystals that look like ice cubes that melted together. Powellite is more frequently found in association with scolecite and calcite, giving us more reason to appreciate the fluorapophyllite here, and the crystals on this are especially gemmy, even in comparison to the rest of the pocket that we acquired. The powellite crystals are strongly fluorescent (see video for a view under UV lighting) and the crystals are more "pointy" than usual; each cluster is made up of many sharp crystals in radial growth, giving them a look more like orange apophyllites than like the typical blocky powellites we have seen from other locations in Jalgaon area in Maharashtra. We obtained the majority of this summer 2020 find.