Powellite on Apophyllite
Pandulena Hills, Nashik Dist., Maharashtra, India
Cabinet, 11.5 x 10.7 x 4.0 cm
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A scintillating honey-colored ridge of powellite adorns a snowy white cluster of blocky white fluorapophyllite crystals, an unusual association for a species more frequently found on scolecite or calcite. These spiky clusters of amber powellite crystals are different in geometry, style, and color from any we have seen before and have an extra bonus - they're strongly fluorescent under UV light (see video). Individual powellite crystals in these clusters reach over 1 cm - huge for the species! The cubic apophyllite crystals look like little frosted ice cubes frozen together, and the powellites are especially aesthetically arranged on this piece; one of the larger specimens from the find that we acquired. The crystals are more "pointy" than usual, and each cluster is made up of many sharp crystals in radial growth, almost like an orange scalenohedral cluster of rhodochrosite from South Africa. There's a bit of damage to the left cluster, and couple points missing in the center cluster, but given the large number of powellite crystals on this piece, the damage is minimally distracting. The bright fluorescence on these is shocking!