Emerald on Quartz
Coscuez Mine, Boyaca Department, Colombia
Miniature, 4.6 x 3.4 x 1.4 cm

A unique and incredibly attractive combination piece from the Emerald mines of Columbia! Rarely do we see Emerald-Quartz combination pieces like this from here. A 4 cm, almost totally gem clear Quartz crystal is perfectly accented by a 2 cm partly gem, vibrant green Emerald crystal, The Emerald crystal has textbook hexagonal shape with a flat, pinacoid termination slightly modified by pyramidal faces (basically, it has natural bevels that make it look more jewel-like and sparkly!). The bottom two-thirds of the crystal is translucent green with the top third a gorgeous, largely transparent emerald-green; and the entire crystal has a brilliant glassy luster. The matrix on this piece is milky Quartz with two, small (5mm), milky green Emerald crystals. Note there is one very tiny tip restoration on a few millimeters of the quartz tip. It has no repairs. And, it is complete 360 degrees all around. This is a well composed and well balanced, not to mention nicely contrasting, miniature. It is something that comes once in a decade, if that, from these mines. Productive only in a general sense, specimens are rare and crystallized combination pieces all the more so. This is a spectacular and unique miniature. From 2020 finds.