Scheelite with Aquamarine and Quartz
Pingwu beryl mine, Mt Xuebaoding, Pingwu Co., Mianyang, Sichuan, China
Small Cabinet, 8.2 x 8.2 x 5.5 cm
Ex. Dr. Eugene Meieran
$12,500.00 $9,375.00
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There are some good Scheelite-Aquamarine pieces out there from Ping Wu, but this one is off the scale for the remarkable combination with the other species present here and one of the few important combinations of scheelite together with aquamarine! The big, vibrant orange Scheelite measures 3 inches across at its maximum dimension and is highlighted by several colorless to pale blue Aquamarine clusters. The large Scheelite displays good luster and is translucent to locally transparent with well-defined faces and edges outlining perfect, textbook tetragonal form. It displays dramatically from the front, and is very 3-dimensional but not quite complete on the back. Two of the corners are slightly compromised, but barely noticeable ; and the backside of the crystal is contacted where it was attached in the pocket. The Aquamarine groups consist of super glassy, tabular crystals ranging from a few millimeters up to 4 cm across with all of them exhibiting that unique shape from this location (broad pinacoid forms with pyramidal modifications). Overall, from a place famous for BOTH species independently, somehow the number of combination pieces showing them together is 1 in 1000...very seldom seen! As a bonus, note the sharp pseudo-rectangular bladed crystals of Quartz - really lustrous, gemmy shard-like quartz crystals providing extra sparkle in the side and top. This is a hefty, dramatic combo, from the collection of Gene Meieran (purchased in early 2000s from the important Chinese source, Zheng JianRong).

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