Fluorite with Baryte and Calcite
Annabel Lee Mine, Harris Creek Mining Sub-District, Hardin Co., Illinois, USA
Cabinet, 13.6 x 12.0 x 7.8 cm
Ex. Richard Heck
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This is an old Annabel Lee piece that is atypical for the locality. This big and beautiful piece consists of several, large, transparent to translucent, yellow Fluorite cubes that display narrow, but perceptible purple rims. We're used to seeing dark to light purple Fluorite crystals and clusters from Annabel Lee, rarely do we ever see yellow. The Fluorite crystals have good luster and exhibit stepped growth in the central areas of the crystal faces. Ivory colored, rounded aggregates of small Baryte crystals resembling splotches of cookie dough are present on a couple of the faces and then similar, larger splotches are found on two sides and round one of the corners. The Baryte and parts of the Fluorite crystals are accented by 1 cm, singly or doubly terminated, pale amber colored, scalenohedral Calcite crystals. Several metallic, brassy green, disphenoidal crystals of Chalcopyrite to 2 mm are sprinkled sparingly on the piece. The big Fluorite cube measures nearly three inches across and has all corners intact. The other crystals are in good shape with a few few showing slightly compromised corners. A pretty and very unusual combination piece from the fluorspar mine at Annabel Lee, and from the notable collection of Midwest dentist and well known 1980s-1990s collector, Dick Heck. Note: The previous label had this as Elmwood...and it was a weird Elmwood but also a strange Annabel Lee piece! After thinking about it and showing it to experts, we have re-attributed this to the Annabel Lee Mine.

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