St Anns Mine, Mwami, Karoi District, Mashonaland West, Zimbabwe
Small Cabinet, 6.2 x 4.3 x 3.7 cm
Ex. Wally Mann

Well-formed blue Topaz crystals from the St Anns Mine are a true historic rarity. This textbook, beautiful blue, gem crystal has well defined crystal faces and sharp edges and is mostly gem with some cloudy areas. An interesting aspect to this crystal is the presence of a phantom, which is rare in Topaz! The core of the crystal is pale blue and there is yellowish tan zone a few millimeters thick near the edge of the crystal that is encased in a light blue zone that constitutes the exterior of the crystal. There is absolutely no damage or edge rubbing to the exterior of the crystal; there is only a clean, perfect cleave that serves as a base for this stunning crystal. One area near the base shows a small, gem, perfectly formed, 7 mm Topaz crystal as a sidecar companion. A great Topaz from Zimbabwe, recently from the Wally Mann collection - and comes with his label and a custom engraved acrylic base. 172 grams