Corundum var. Ruby
Mysore District, Karnataka, India
Cabinet, 12.0 x 8.0 x 6.0 cm
Ex. Rock Currier
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This is a HUGE Ruby crystal from the Mysore district in India. Ruby Corundum crystals have been produced from this locality for decades; however, crystals of this size are the exception. This piece appears complex due to the apparent multiple parallel growth, hexagonal crystals that resemble stacked, geometric poker chips, some with more lateral offset than others. The main crystal is over three inches across and over two inches thick and there are a few, smaller crystals in near-parallel growth in the front at the bottom. The crystals are opaque to slightly translucent along the edges and have a saturated red-purple color. The crystal faces and edges are sharp with contacting only on the left side at the rear. Corundum is essentially pure aluminum oxide so this large crystal is quite heavy (over 1 kilo)! Looks great in UV light as well! At 1030 grams in mass, this complete floater cluster is a significant specimen. It is an older piece, from productive years long since passed, and was in the collection of Rock Currier. We purchased it "as is" (from the mine, washed only with water decades ago) and sent out for proper preparation and cleaning techniques to be applied - sometimes they clean nicely, and sometimes they do not. This one, luckily, cleaned fabulously.

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