Galena, Quartz
Tsumeb Mine, Tsumeb, Oshikoto Region, Namibia
Small Cabinet, 5.9 x 4.6 x 3.3 cm
Ex. Bruno Geier

This is a very displayable and a very significant Galena specimen from Tsumeb. It hails from the Bruno H. Geier collection, famous mine geologist at Tsumeb for many years, and is composed of numerous cubo-octahedral crystals of Galena to nearly 2cm that display a dull sheen that may be a micro Cerussite coating. A review of the piece under the microscope reveals another sulfide as small, equant crystals that have tarnished to an iridescent patina. Much of the matrix of this small cabinet piece consists of Galena and tiny Quartz crystals and local, miniscule, Cerussite crystals. The small Cerussites are found locally on the surface of the Galena crystals and on the tiny Quartz crystals. The presence of Mimetite as noted on the accompanying index card from one of the previous owners is dubious. This index card is quite interesting as it tells the history of the piece from it being in the collection of B. H. Geier at the Tsumeb Mine and its subsequent acquisition by the Zweibel's for the collector! It is accompanied by a Mineral Kingdom of Woodmere (Zweibel's) label. According to Julius Zweibel, this piece was considered one of the most important pieces from the collection of Dr. Bruno Geier, who was the mine mineralogist at Tsumeb for 25 years. His original label accompanies the Ed Ruggeiro note card label noting these comments, dated October of 1978. Why is this seemingly ugly gray rock, so important to so many notable collectors? Think about how strange it is that Tsumeb, one of the great metallic mines with huge reserves of lead, has produced so few actual specimens of the most typical lead ore mineral, galena. Sharp, well formed galena from Tsumeb is extremely uncommon and adds so much to a full perspective of the incredible mineralogy of this place, to have a worthy display specimen in the collection.