Cabinet, 10.5 x 6.7 x 5.0 cm
La Viesca Mine, Huergo, Siero, Asturias, Spain

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Showy specimen of totally gem, colorless Fluorite form Asturias, Spain. Several dozen, super lustrous, water-clear Fluorite crystals to just over a centimeter are mounded up and cover almost the entire light gray silicified matrix. To keep things interesting, some of the matrix peeks through in places and around the periphery. These bright, transparent "ice cube" crystals are reminiscent of the fine ones from Dalnegorsk and China; however, these have the added enchantment of complex crystals featuring cubes with dodecahedral modifications! No damage or blemishes to any of the main crystals with only very minor contacting around the edges. Very nice! Ex. Raul Sanabria Orellana collection. Superb example of this style, although you need to see a video to show it off to its best. Flat photos simply cannot even focus on the crystals, very easily.
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