Vesuvianite with Grossular Garnet
Miniature, 4.2 x 1.7 x 1.0 cm
Valle d'Aosta, Italy
Ex. Giancarlo Fioravanti

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From a classic Italian locality comes this killer Vesuvianite miniature! The Valle d'Aosta area has arguably produced some of the finest Vesuvianite crystals in the world! This mesmerizing, 4.2cm long crystal is super lustrous, translucent to transparent, gorgeous green with characteristic light striations along its length. The Vesuvianite is terminated by a pinacoid which has mirror-like luster. If the gorgeous Vesuvianite wasn't enough, a bonus includes several glassy, gem, cinnamon-colored Grossular var. Hessonite Garnet crystals distributed near the base and part way up the one side of the Vesuvianite crystal. An aesthetic and classic piece, probably 50 years old or more. Ex Giancarlo Fioravanti Collection! Weight is 20g.

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