Vesuvianite on Manganoan Vesuvianite
Jeffrey Mine, Val-des-Sources, Québec, Canada
Small Cabinet, 7.3 x 5.2 x 2.9 cm
Ex. Vasco Trancoso
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Vesuvianite from the famous old Jeffrey asbestos Quarry is certainly considered by most to be best of species, and also the most beautiful in terms of color - admittedly perhaps barring only a few rare old crystals from Italy. Such specimens are now historic, with this prolific locality now closed forever. This large, showy, sparkling plate features green glassy crystals to just over 1 cm, perched on a thin layer of purple material that is actually ALSO vesuvianite, although the manganese rich varietal. Seeing both together is quite rare, especially in large size. It is overall sparkly, colorful, and with all of those nice sharp crystals being pristine on the display face.