Reneville, Kindanba District, Pool Department, Republic of Congo
Miniature, 4.5 x 3.3 x 1.7 cm
Ex. Kay Robertson

A dramatic cluster of lustrous and gemmy Dioptase crystals from one of the world's premier localities, the old Reneville locality in Congo. All the Dioptase crystals have a fabulous, mirror-like luster, and a gorgeous deep green color. The crystals can flash that blazing green fire when the light catches them just right. The largest crystal is a very impressive 2.3 cm tall by about 1.6 cm across. Acquired in 1966, predating the finds at Tsumeb, this cluster is outstanding and aesthetic and fully competitive in a miniature case. Even better in person, as dioptase is hard to photograph. Kay held out against repeated large monetary offers for this piece. Before Tsumeb dioptase was found, these were the world's best - and the few specimens at the top of the quality range such as this, remain among the best of species. However, they are rarely seen on the market today. It holds its own!

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