Apophyllite on Quartz on Calcite
Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India
Cabinet, 13.0 x 9.0 x 7.5 cm
The video says it all - this is a stunning specimen of absolutely unique aesthetics, that just sparkles and draws the eye into its complex sublteties of the minerals contrasting with each other. Indian minerals are mined in bulk and all too common, so the saying goes - and to my mind, that makes the outlier pieces that are unique and amazing, all the MORE desirable. This is a specimen with three species growing one upon the other, and contrasts of form throughout. The original calcite is coated by a thin layer of several generations of sparkly quartz that give it a "skunk effect," white and black intermixed. Upon that, are jewel-like apophyllites, sparkling and twinkling in the light. Although a combination of three common species, the result is something totally unique in my experience of looking at these things for nearly 30 years now. I asked if there were more, and it seems this was the only good example in the pocket, aside from a few damaged pieces I saw at the time I bought this in early 2017 at a show in China. Photo by Joe Budd. Comes with a custom lucite base. Video available at