Monteponi Mine, Iglesias, Sardinia, Italy
Miniature, 4.9 x 4.7 x 2.3 cm
Ex. Giancarlo Fioravanti
A Rich specimen of lustrous Cerussite crystals showing several habits, on Limonite matrix. The well-developed Cerussites are gemmy to translucent, and the habits are varied. Not only do you have the highly desired reticulated snowflake habit, but there are also several heart twins on this miniature. Not surprisingly, some of the thinner, more delicate Cerussites have been cleaved at one extremity. The overall aesthetics are still good, and we should not forget that this has two of the most coveted Cerussite habits in one specimen. That is exceptional for this classic old locality. Ex Melis collection to Fioravanti.