Spodumene Var. Kunzite
Vanderberg Mine, Hiriart Mountain, Pala, San Diego Co., California, USA
Cabinet, 14.1 x 4.9 x 2.5 cm
Ex. William (Bill) Larson
Few San Diego kunzites reach the combination of color and form that we now see from Afghani material. However, when they do so, they should be viewed as much more rare, and historically have been valued much higher. This particular specimen can hold its own with any modern Afghani piece, with which there are only subtle differences in composition. It is a doubly-terminated crystal of intense hot pink color, with great luster and glassiness. The piece was found in the 1950's by San Diego collector George Ashley, and ended up in the Bill Larson collection. By the time of the American Treasures exhibition in Tucson (2008), the piece was in the noted california collection of Jesse Fisher and Joan Kureczka. It was exhibited in the Pala District case at that once-in-a-lifetime exhibition honoring America's mineral treasures, and comes with the commemorative display label. At 258 grams, it is hefty and a fair cabinet sized specimen. Joe Budd Photos. FEATURED In THE AMT CASE AT TUCSON 2008 SHOW and ILLUSTRATED In MINERALOGICAL RECORD COMMEMORATIVE ISSUE