Pech, Kunar Province, Afghanistan
Large Cabinet, 54.0 x 12.0 x 8.6 cm (appro x 0.2 feet)
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weight: 29.4 pounds. Perhaps one of the world's largest crystals for the species! It is complete all around, and with remarkably little etching effects given the size of the crystal. It is nearly entirely gemmy, especially in the center. The tip just glows with purple and maroon hues, with any kind of good lighting, especially when light comes down the c-axis. For the remarkably equant and sharp termination, this would be major anyhow for the species, even if it were small (most have etched terminations as the sizes get longer, not as attractive to my eye). But in this size, its literally a museum piece and among the most impressive examples of this species I have seen. It is not so easy to hold as it looks... for any more than a few seconds in that position. Shown is Dave Wilber, holding the piece as he gave a discussion on its importance for a video series called "What's Hot in Tucson" in 2008. Price on Request.