Spodumene var. Triphane
Dara-e-Pech pegmatite field, Dara-e-Pech District, Kunar, Afghanistan
Cabinet, 12.5 x 6.3 x 3.3 cm
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This sharp Spodumene crystal features a lovely green-yellow color and is very well-formed and quite nice. It's nearly five inches tall and well over an inch thick with textbook form and is very gemmy. It exhibits great luster, has striations along the broad prism faces on the front and back with the side ones super smooth and then has excellent faces around the beautiful termination. Such sharp terminations, with a point, are unusual for the species in this size. It is as close to pristine as nature gets generally in such large crystals. There is only one small ding on a corner near the top that is barely perceptible and doesn't detract from this commanding piece (and in any case, most dealers with such things make a choice about sending to lab for a fill, or leaving natural when possible). Three-fourths of the crystal is gem (meaning, transparent!) with the bottom quarter slightly cloudy near the base along with some iron staining at the bottom exterior contact where it was removed from the pocket. There are a lot of average Triphane Spodumene crystals from the Afghan pegmatites, but very few with this rich color and great form! This beauty has a mass of 520 grams.